Placement Package

Placement Package

Work Ready Candidates for placements by Companies

Allow YES RECRUITS provide your company with professionals
  • To provide WORK READY STAFF to WORK FOR 30 DAYS  under supervision at companies after going through a rigorous work ready program to earn ONLY on commission basis for the first 30 days at a R3000 fee per Candidate but NEGOTIABLE with request for five(5) or more candidates.

With our extensive experience, YES! Recruits has the knowledge and capacity to manage your recruitment process needs  following sound technical principles. Our team will collaborate with you to understand exactly what is needed from you ensuring your recruitment needs are met  professionally, consistently and timely. 

With more than 200,000 students leaving school and 1 million students in their final three years of secondary school considering their future pathways each year in South Africa, skills development and school-to-work transition programs are more important than ever when it comes to preparing youth for the changing employment market.

Yes! Recruits has identified a gap in career education. To successfully gain employment, students must develop the personal skills, attitudes and behaviours that employers seek. Being work-ready is vital in preparing today’s young adults for employment.

YES! Recruits will assist in creating an incubation point for work ready interns trained and then sent out to companies to fill vacancies.