Four questions to really impress an interviewer

If you want to be a memorable candidate and increase your chances of getting hired when interviewing for a job, you need to ask some ‘wow’-inducing questions at your interview. Keep in mind that your competitors will be asking questions the general questions regarding the role, KPIs etc and you’re obviously wanting your questions to stand out.

You should ask questions that are very well-researched, detailed and unique and that show your enthusiasm and work ethic.

 1. I understand that this role will consist of ____. Ideally, what would you like me to accomplish for you in the first year in the role?

This shows enthusiasm, positivity and an understanding of the role. It also shows that you’ve taken the time to prepare for the interview.

 2. From what you know about me so far, how well do you think I will fit into the team here? Why?

Asking about the team shows that you understand the importance of settling well into the team you’ll be working with. It also shows that you’re aware of the importance of team work and office culture. Hopefully, the answer will be positive and if the interviewer isn’t sure, this will give you the chance to show them that you do possess the right qualities. This is a good opportunity to assess how the interview is going and put your interviewers at ease if they are having any doubts about you filling the position.

3. I am aware that employees have recently done presentations at ___ conference. Is that a typical opportunity in the job for which I am interviewing?

This shows eagerness and an interest in going above and beyond your day-to-day work. It also shows that you have done research on the company and that you are up-to-date with industry news.

4. How would you describe an ideal employee?

Here you’ll get an idea as to whether you are a good fit for the company and have the capabilities for that role. It also shows that you are eager to please and keen to meet their expectations without sounding desperate.

Make sure you only ask a question if you are truly interested in the answer. Use your question time as an opportunity to work out if this is a company you want to work for and can see yourself fitting into.

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